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You have probably heard about "backward masking" and have wondered what it is all about. The fact that it is purposely done and the words which are implanted in the unsuspecting minds of rock 'n' roll and hard rock listeners—clearly shows that demons are in control of all such music.

The music industry knows the master whom they are serving, and they serve him well; for he rewards them with great profits for their services.

The satanist, Aleister Crowley, in his book, Ma­gick (considered by those in satanism to be one of their sacred books), instructs those who are learning witchcraft and satanism that they should learn how to speak, write, and think backwards! He explains that they will later use this tool to help capture the minds of others.

There are many satanists, masquerading as "rock artists," who are using backward masking in their recordings.

When someone wants to join a satanic coven, he is given a cross which he must turn upside down and then break. Satan hates Christianity and Christians above everything else, and his followers must share his hatred.

New converts to satanism are also required to say the Lord's Prayer backwards, as a sign of their rejection of Christianity. In addition, they are taught "backward masking."

A majority of the jazz and rock groups which use backward masking in their recordings, and as background recorded music in their live performances, have learned it from the teachings of Aleister Crowley. Many have admitted it.

Satan is using rock stars to destroy souls. A significant number of those composers, musicians, and singers have studied witchcraft and made definite compacts with the devil. If he will give them fame and riches,—they will serve him and do his bidding.

The vicious, violent messages of destruction and death in rock music are part of their fulfillment of the compact. Their satanic clothing is another part. Their sensual contortions on stage are yet another. Backward masking is still another.

Backward masking is the placement of special messages in the rock music, intended to affect the hearers on a subliminal level.

Messages pass the conscious mind and go directly into the subconscious. If a backward message is embedded in a song, the listener's conscious mind will not pick it up because it is not obvious. But, subconsciously, he will get the message. The music is frequently listened to over and over again.

It is dangerous, in the extreme, to listen to satanic music or attend concerts where it is presented! Do not frequent such places.

Dr. Wilson Bryan Key, a foremost authority on subliminal perception, has written three books on the subject. Writing in Subliminal Seduction, he says:

"Experiments have demonstrated that humans can receive, process, and transmit information which makes no conscious appearance at any stage of its passage through their nervous system . . Indeed, the unconscious can operate quite independently from the conscious mechanism in the brain."

In his book, The Clam-Plate Orgy, Key discusses how to bypass the conscious mind:

"The unconscious system appears able to unscramble even kinds of distorted information without individuals becoming consciously aware of the perception."
To help illustrate how this is done, you actually see everything upside down and backward; but your brain turns it right-side up and forward. It can do this with sounds also.

Those New Age satanic rockers who have not actually entered into a compact with the devil—still copy the methods of those who have, because they are more successful and, following the devil's advice, make more money. The result is that Satan is able to use the entire rock industry—for they have learned to use the same techniques.

The rock group, Quiet Riot, has this segment in their Metal Health album which, when played backward, says, "Serve beast for money!"

Led Zepplin, in their House of the Holy album, has this on a segment played backward: "Satan is really Lord!"

Prince is a rock star who, on his Purple Rain album announces the soon coming of Satan to the earth! One of the segments, played backward, says "My Lord is coming soon!"

Motley Crue is a rock group which openly states on their albums, "This album may contain backward messages." And they do. One among several segments in their rock song, Shout at the Devil, played backward, says "Satan is our God!"

Venom, another well-known rock group, in their album, Welcome to Hell, has this in a backward-played segment: "It's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven."

Cheap Trick, on their Heaven Tonight album, plays the Lord's Prayer backward so fast that it sounds like insects singing.

Blue Oyster Cult uses a different method. They speed up a forward (not backward) segment very fast. When it is played at a very slow speed, the words can be heard: "Our father who art in heaven, Satan."

A segment of the Rolling Stone's album, Tatoo, played backward, says "I love you, said the devil," as an encouragement to the listener to not fear, but trust him.
We are here discussing a very real demonic power at work in human minds and bodies. We dare not dabble with it. To do so is to be captured!

William Sargent, a British psychiatrist, studied extensively the work of witch doctors, voodoo priests, and faith healers. He compared their methods with hypnotic trances and rock music festivals. Attention is specifically diverted, then riveted on something. Fatigue sets in and the mind is captured. Eager anticipation and high expectation of ecstasy also play a role. Individual will power is weakened (William Sargent, The Mind Possessed: a Physiology of Possession, Mysticism and Faith Healing, 1974).

T.E. Wade examined transcendental meditation, hypnosis, glossolalia, and spiritism in connection with spirit possession. He concludes:

"It is my personal conviction that the normal human brain is capable of experiencing the functional relation to the Holy Spirit by a mechanism which is misused to achieve hypnotic trance . . This mechanism may be surrendered to the control of an evil spirit, as occurs in voodoo spirit possession; or a human hypnotist may intrude into the relationship when he casts a spell over his subject."—T. E. Wade, Spirit Possession, 1991, p. 47.

As we have learned earlier in this book, rock music is the most powerful example of voodoo drum trances in our world today!

If one submits to the suggestions of an evil spirit, possession by that evil spirit will take place. The mechanism, designed by God for communication with the Holy Spirit, has been taken over by evil spirits.