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In 1985, Jacab Aranza wrote these words:

"Recently, one of America's most popular youth evangelists was on a plane flying to a crusade. Everything seemed as though it would be a typical flight. Little did he know today he would peek into Satan's agenda for the music world. As the plane became airborne, he began to talk with the man seated beside him.

"After the normal small talk, the evangelist asked the gentleman in what business he was involved. To his surprise, the man was the manager of one of the largest rock groups in the world. The evangelist then asked, 'What's next in the rock music world?'

"As the manager of the rock group began to talk, the evangelist was shocked by his knowledge, not only about rock music, but also about the sales and the marketing plans of the industry. The man proceeded to tell him about, what he called, the 'four step plan' taking place in rock music.

"He explained that each phase or step in this agenda appeals to a different side of the human personality. He said that Step One began in 1955, at the birth of rock music and lasted until 1965. This step pushed sex through music. Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Gene Vincent helped to accomplish this. This promotion of sex, from 1955-1965, greatly helped in bringing on the sexual revolution and the free-love generation. Young people across America, and around the world, threw away their moral standards so they could both listen to this music and experience it. This was to open the door for Step Two which began in 1965.

"Step Two ran from 1965-1970. He said that this phase was meant to arouse the spirit of young people toward drugs, rebellion, and anti-establishment movements. Protests began to develop on campuses across the nation. A rejection of all traditional values evolved, and an arousal of the spirit world through the supernatural began.

"Many remembered groups, like the Beatles, turning to gurus and Eastern religions. This 'spiritual awakening' through music gave way to millions turning to cults, like the Children of God, Hare Krishna, Ma Jura Ja Gi, and many others.

"Step Three, he continued, began in 1970 and has run through part of the 1980s. In this step, the quality of music isn't important, but that it has an addicting sound caused by loud beats and violent tones.

"He went on to say, 'We're just like any other business. How does a business sell cosmetics, clothes, or cars? They all have what is called a motivational trigger. You touch someone's hot button and they buy. In rock music we have been looking for the ultimate hot button for years, and we believe we have finally found it!' He explained this to be part of Step Four.

" 'We have found,' he said, 'that the greatest commitment anyone makes is a religious one. That would be the greatest motivator to get people to buy rock records. So, beginning in the 1980s, we will bring rock into mainline Christianity.' "—Jacob Aranza.

It was all about making more, and still more, money from music. First, the concerts and recordings were keyed to emphasizing sex. To this was added more money to be made on music that focused on rebellion against parents who tried to forbid attendance at such concerts and owning of such recordings. Then came an added emphasis on the power of demonic cults, as an additional way to help sell them. After this came the emphasis on the heavy, loud, addicting qualities of the almost ear-shattering rock beat. Finally, in the early 1980s, rock knocked on the doors of Christian homes and churches.

It is unlikely that any humans could plan such an agenda in advance; but, as it progressed, the music industry was quick to cash in. Yet it was a carefully worked out agenda—by the devil. Satan worked it out in councils with his demons.

From the 1980s, onward, Christian rock has been a withering blight to destroy the faith of millions of Christians, young and older.

When will the preachers, youth leaders, and leaders of the churches wake up to Satan's master plan?